Grave Encounters 2

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Release Date: October 12, 2012 (limited)

1h 35m | Horror, Thriller

Film student Alex Wright, a fan of the original Grave Encounters film, believes it may not just be a movie. He's contacted online by a mysterious blogger who steers him to a strange video clip that appears to feature Sean Rogerson, the lead actor from Grave Encounters, trapped in the insane asylum from the film.

Alex gets a group of his friends together and persuades them to help him break into the institute with the plan to record everything they encounter on camera. The supernatural forces within the asylum have their own sinister plans for the filmmakers.

Director: John Poliquin
Producer(s): Martin Fisher, Shawn Angelski
Cast: Richard Harmon, Leanne Lapp, Dylan Playfair, Howard Lai, Stephanie Bennett, Sean Rogerson
Writer(s): The Vicious Brothers
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