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2h 1m | Drama, Thriller

Patrick, a lawyer specializing in environmental law, defends a farmer whose companion died of cancer of the lymphatic system, caused by prolonged exposure to products containing tetrazine. The uncle of the deceased had also died from the same exposure. But the source of the victims’ illnesses is not recognized in court. The tenacious lawyer has every intention of appealing the decision, even if his client doesn’t have any money left to pay his fee. Desperate, she immolates herself in front of the head office of the company that produces the pesticide. Moved by this gesture, France, a sports teacher whose boyfriend is suffering from lymphoma also caused by the pesticide, joins a group of radical environmental activists. But she and Patrick come up against Mathias, an influential lobbyist working in the upper echelons of the state, whose mission is to get the European Union to vote against the ban on tetrazine.

Director: Frédéric Tellier
Producer(s): Julien Madon
Cast: Gilles Lellouche, Pierre Niney, Emmanuelle Bercot, Laurent Stocker, Yannick Renier, Chloé Stefani, Marie Gillain, Jacques Perrin
Writer(s): Frédéric Tellier, Simon Moutairou
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