Goat Story (Kozi pribeh)

Goat Story (Kozi pribeh) Movie Poster
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PG-13 | Animation, Comedy

As one of the highest-budgeted children's films to emerge from the early 21st century Czech Republic, the CG-animated Kozi Pribeh - Povesti Stare Prahy (The Old Prague Legends - Goat Story humorously tells of the goofy, garrulous Goat, and his friendship with a villager named Jemmy - a young man who has recently arrived in Prague with plans to establish himself.

Trouble erupts when Goat witnesses Jemmy falling for the beautiful Katy, a street-smart lass from Prague. The animal grows so wildly jealous over their relationship that it causes him to detest Katy by default.

Meanwhile, Matthias, an impoverished student from the Faust House, struggles with his own greed and eventually agrees to sign his soul over to the devil.

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