Go Tigers!

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R | Documentary

A documentary chronicling the Massillon, Ohio high school football team, The Tigers, during their 106th season. This year the pressure is on--the outcome will determine whether or not the school will still be around next season. It all depends on the success or failure of a football team that has been a benchmark institution for over a century.

The film focuses on three of the team's stars, quarterback Dave Irwin, linebacker Danny Studer and defensive end Ellery Moore as they lead the team back from a disastrous 4-6 season the year before.

The chronicle brings viewers to the rallies and parades, as well as inside the locker room where the players pray, get preached at, and later get yelled at by coaches and team captains. As well, the viewer is brought to the beer-soaked victory parties. As the town becomes engrossed in the Tiger's Friday night fights, the county school runs out of money.

Unless voters approve a levy, coaches and teachers will lose their jobs. Massillon needs heroes.

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