Glowing Stars (I taket lyser stjarnorna)

Glowing Stars (I taket lyser stjarnorna) Movie Poster

Early adolescence throws overwhelming difficulties into the path of any teen - but what of a teenager forced to contend with the emotional fallout from her mother's pending death? That's the question posed by this sensitively wrought Swedish-language drama helmed by director Lisa Siwe.

Adapted from the popular novel by Johanna Sydell, the picture stars Josefine Mattsson as Jenna, a fourteen-year-old forced to grow up instantly, as the main assist to her cancer-stricken mother, Liv (Annika Halin). For a time, Liv experiences remission, and the future looks bright.

Then the cancer resurfaces, and Jenna falls into the custody of her maternal grandmother, Ingrid (Anki Liden). The new move fails to bode well for Jenna; racked with grief at the thought of her mother's passing, she throws herself into full-scale rebellion, flirting with heavy drinking, men, parties and general indignation unfairly directed at Ingrid.

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