Glorious 39

Glorious 39 Movie Poster

England, 1939. Beautiful summer days. Country mansions. Elegant picnics. Banter. But this is also a year when storm clouds are gathering on the horizon: war is imminent.

Anne (Romola Garai), an attractive young blond actress, is seemingly safe within the bosom of her adoring family. She is doted on by an affectionate father, a supportive brother and her loving boyfriend. But as tensions rise and the political crisis deepens, her father, a minister in the government, takes the family back to London. One of Anne's best friends disappears, her boyfriend is called away to France and she subsequently finds herself in possession of some mysterious audio recordings. At the same time, the country begins to cope with the daily reality of being at war. No one knows what will happen, and Anne discovers that her cocooned life is about to change completely.

Director: Stephen Poliakoff
Producer(s): Barney Reisz, Martin Pope
Cast: Romola Garai, Bill Nighy, Julie Christie, Christopher Lee, Hugh Bonneville, Eddie Redmayne, David Tennant
Writer(s): Stephen Poliakoff
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