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'Getting Grace' Trailer

2,505 Views | 2:50 | Uploaded on Aug 08, 2018

In the trailer for Getting Grace, we learn that Grace is an unusual teenager. She's getting treatment for cancer, but is going through it with a light heart. She throws off a minister by asking if he's ever seen a miracle. Passing by a funeral home, she decides to go in and ask the funeral director questions. She lies in a coffin and asks if it makes her look fat. She pops out of unexpected places and when he tells her he's going to call the police, she shows him how ridiculous that would sound on the phone. He seems to be getting used to her presence as she asks to ride in the hearse, and he tells her to wait her turn. When she advises him not to be afraid of being normal, he replies, "Look who's talking." Grace equally charms and puts people off with her lighthearted pranks. You either get Grace, or you don't.

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