Führer Ex

Führer Ex Movie Poster

East Berlin, 1986. Tommy and Heiko are both 18 years old. They have been friends since kindergarten and dream of life in a free country. After a failed escape attempt, they land in prison. In order to survive daily life there, Tommy uses the protection of the in-house neo-Nazi scene, while Heiko tries, unsuccessfully, to go it alone.

Tommy comes up with an escape plan and makes it to the west, but Heiko hesitates and backs out at the last minute. Left behind, Heiko joins the neo-Nazis after being brutally raped and becomes one of the gang leaders. Several months later, after the fall of the Wall, Tommy shows up in Berlin again.

Heiko now has to decide between his friendship with Tommy and his radical political inclinations.

Director: Winfried Bonengel
Studio: Studio Canal
Producer(s): Clementina Hegewisch, Laurens Straub
Cast: Christian Blümel, Aaron Hildebrandt, Jule Flierl, Luci van Org, Harry Baer, Dieter Laser
Writer(s): Winfried Bonengel, Douglas Graham, Ingo Hasselbach
Official Site: www.fuehrerex.de/

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