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1h 40m | Action/Adventure

Riki Fudoh, a model high school student by day, takes part in the criminal activities of a gang of mobsters led by his father each night. However, his father owes a debt to the powerful Nioh-kai family, which controls all the mobsters in western Japan. When the father is told to kill his eldest son to appease the Nioh-kai clan, Riki swears that he will avenge his big brother. Several years later, he becomes the head of an army of young assassins that use exotic and/or somewhat odd weapons. One of his recruits, an impetuous stripper, shoots darts from her private parts. With the aid of his hitmen, Riki tries to eliminate all of the head mobsters, including his father, to establish a new generation of criminals.

Director: Takashi Miike
Producer(s): Toshiki Kimura, Yoshinori Chiba
Cast: Shosuku Tanihara, Riki Takeuchi, Marie Jinno, Toru Minegishi, Kenji Takano, Tamaki Kenmochi
Writer(s): Toshiyuki Morioka, Hitoshi Tanimura

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