French Immersion

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From the makers of BON COP BAD COP and THE TROTSKY, FRENCH IMMERSION is the story of four Anglos from different parts of Canada, and one New Yorker, who come to St. Isidore-du-Coeur-de-Jésus, a remote town in Northern Québec, in order to learn French.

The recently opened Institut Linguistique de St. Isidore-du-Coeur-de-Jésus is run by the family of a slightly dodgy Senator and includes a Director of Discipline with an iron fist and one rule: NO ENGLISH! Which actually comes out of his mouth as EN FRANCAIS!

Think of it as a very strict summer camp—for adults. For two weeks, the students live with French families, take classes in French, do everything in French—from singing karaoke to go-karting to socializing. Students who sneak off to speak a little English quickly find out that everyone in the town is a spy flashing yellow cards that scream, "EN FRANÇAIS!"

By the time the two weeks are up, neither the students nor the town will ever be the same.

Director: Kevin Tierney
Studio: Park Ex Pictures
Producer(s): Claude Bonin, Kevin Tierney
Cast: Martha Burns, Fred Ewanuick, Colm Feore, Jacob Tierney, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Dorothée Berryman, Pascale Bussières, Yves Jacques, Rita Lafontaine, Laurence Leboeuf, Monique Spaziani, Karine Vanasse, Gavin Crawford, Robert Charlebois
Writer(s): Jefferson Lewis, Kevin Tierney
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