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1h 0m | Comedy, Drama

Penny (Trista Suke), a 20-year-old filmmaker, is desperately trying to keep a secret in order to feel "normal" in the world of unachievable beauty standards. However, at the age of 10, Penny lost all of the hair on her body, including her eyebrows, due to an immune condition called alopecia. 

She's chosen not to tell anyone, not even her current boyfriend, out of fear of being looked at as strange or "ugly," which leads to a number of awkward situations. 

Director: Ellis Poleyko, Trista Suke
Studio: Moonwaltz Pictures
Producer(s): Ellis Poleyko, Trista Suke
Cast: Trista Suke, Charlin McIsaac, Sam Wexler, Christian Solatorio, Kea Buote
Writer(s): Trista Suke, Ellis Poleyko
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