Footsteps in Africa: A Nomadic Journey

Footsteps in Africa: A Nomadic Journey Movie Poster

Shot in January 2006 as a road trip film in the Sahara desert of Mali, Kiahkeya performers and a renegade camera team lived with the nomadic Tuareg/ Kel Tamashek tribes in remote areas of Mali near Mauritania, and visited Tuareg Festivals.

The thematics of "Footsteps in Africa, A Nomadic Journey" question the modern way of life which separates man from nature. The Nomad is aware of how modern man forgets that all of humans material possessions are just a false sense of security and freedom.

The Tuareg choose to live in austerity, a truth of extremes that is the poetry of the Tuareg way of life, living in solidarity with the rhythms of nature.

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