Five Days, Five Nights (Cinco Dias, Cinco Noites)

Five Days, Five Nights (Cinco Dias, Cinco Noites) Movie Poster

Set in 1949 Portugal when the country was under strict right-wing government, this drama follows the flight of a 19-year-old political fugitive and the resourceful but mysterious older man who agrees to help him get out of the country. The precise reasons why young Andre, who was involved with a revolutionary movement, was put into prison is never clarified.

After his escape from prison, Andre is introduced to the button-down Lambaca. He is not what Andre was expecting, and he does not completely trust the gun-toting Lambaca, but with everything to lose -- including the fortune in cash he carries upon him -- the youth has no choice but to follow him.

As the difficult trek into the north continues, Andre's trepidation mounts.

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