Fiasko Movie Poster

Icelandic filmmaker Ragnar Bragason makes his feature debut with this deadpan comic triptych about love, lust, and dead strippers in Reykjavik. Set mostly during a single long winter night, the film follows the exploits of three members of the Bardal family.

After Grandfather Karl is sent to the hospital for getting his tongue stuck to a car door handle, he spies and immediately falls for an attractive though snooty former actress. His first encounter with her was more successful than he could have hoped for.

Yet when he tries to follow up on the following day, Karl realizes that the woman is half-senile. He re-introduces himself as a stranger and tries to get back to first base. Meanwhile, the 20-ish Julia has a romantic quandary of her own.

She has been juggling two different boyfriends until the whole thing comes crashing around her ears when she learns that she's pregnant. Finally, there's Julia's mother who is utterly devoted to a sleazy evangelic minister named Samuel who has the world's worst toupee.

His vision of the righteousness is unusual and includes buying expensive cars with church funds and spending long evenings with hookers in his hot tub dressed in a rubber devil costume. This film was screened at the 2001 Toronto Film Festival.

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