Famous Artist (Vadda Kalakaar)

Famous Artist (Vadda Kalakaar) Movie Poster
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In Theaters: December 28, 2018 (limited)

Comedy, Drama

Makhan is a young man with a very laid back attitude towards life. The only thing he loves is the world of movies much to the dismay of his parents. Things come to a standstill when Makhan's love Malki seems to be slipping away from him. Convinced by Makhan's inability to do good in life, Malki's parents plan her wedding elsewhere.

Disheartened and dejected Makhan, meets his childhood friend Kaanta, who promises to help him by making a big budget film with Makhan in the lead, but instead she runs away with his money. Will Makhan be able to get back his money? Will Kaanta have a change of heart and help Makhan?

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