Family Swap

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1h 34m | Comedy, Drama

As he approaches the age of 50, Alain Morel has good reason to be fed up with life. His wife is slowly slipping away from him; the newspaper that employs him is on the verge of bankruptcy and his three children are as unbearable as they are disrespectful. While crossing an enchanted river at an amusement park, he wishes he could change his family. The next day when he wakes up, he’s surprised to find that his wish has come true. The result: the spirit of each member of the household has switched to the body of another. His wife, stuck in the body of their youngest child who is six years old, takes matters in hand while hoping for a quick resolution. But as more time passes, the more complicated the situation becomes.

Director: Jean-Patrick Benes
Producer(s): Antoine Gandaubert, Antoine Rein, Fabrice Goldstein
Cast: Alexandra Lamy, Franck Dubosc, Christiane Millet, Artus
Writer(s): Jean-Patrick Benes, Martin Douaire, Allan Mauduit
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