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1h 25m | Comedy, Documentary, Drama

Sami Saif, a 28-year-old Danish screenwriter, has just lost his brother, who committed suicide. When his mother passes away soon after, Sami feels the need to find his father, who abandoned the family when Sami was just a child. He decides to document his search on video.

The young man manages to find his father, now living in Yemen, where several other members of their family also reside. With his partner and co-director Phie Ambo, Sami sets out immediately for the Middle Eastern country in order to meet the Saif clan.

Arriving at the airport in Yemen, he makes a call to his father, but gets another family member on the phone. Even though Sami uses a false name, the relative guesses who he is and although he seems willing to help at first, after checking with Sami’s father, he changes his mind and claims he doesn’t know him.

However, Sami meets his half-brother, hoping that through him he’ll learn more about his father.

Director: Phie Ambo, Sami Saif
Studio: United International Pictures
Cast: Sami Saif, Phie Ambo
Writer(s): Sami Saif, Phie Ambo

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