Falafel / Tomorrow 6:30

Falafel / Tomorrow 6:30 Movie Poster

Sixteen years after the civil war in Lebanon grinded to a halt, violence continues to plague the streets as evidenced in director Michel Kammoun's action comedy detailing one man's quest to find the girl of his dreams and exact vengeance against the BMW-driving yuppie who slighted him in a parking lot scuffle.

Toufic (Elie Mitri) is just an average guy who takes pride in looking after his kid brother and longs to connect with pretty Yasmin (Gabrielle Bou Rached). When Tou hears that Yasmin is going to be at a party close by, he sets out to find the girl and turn on the charm.

His pursuit takes an unexpectedly violent turn, however, when a confrontation with a tough talking man in a BMW quickly comes to blows.

Now faced with the choice of finding Yasmin or teaching his parking lot attacker a painful lesson in street justice, Tou ventures out of his well fortified safety zone as his concerned friends do their best to bring him back home without incident.

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