Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open Movie Poster

The day he reopened his recently deceased father's butcher shop, Aaron, a highly-respected family man in his ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem community, takes Ezri, a Yeshiva student, as an apprentice. Although attracted to Ezri, Aaron resists, as a way to strengthen his faith in God. But when he succumbs to his long-buried desire, the butcher finds himself in an untenable position—homosexuality is simply inconceivable in his community. Summoned by his wife and the rabbi to choose between absolute piety and a forbidden love that makes him feel alive for the first time in his life, Aaron faces a painful dilemma.

Director: Haim Tabakman
Studio: DEP Distribution
Producer(s): David C. Barrot, Isabelle Attal, Michael Eckelt, Rafael Katz
Cast: Zohar Strauss
Writer(s): Merav Doster
Official Site: www.eyeswideopenfilm.com/

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