Eye Of The Beholder

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In Theaters: January 28, 2000

R | 1h 42m | Romance, Thriller

The Eye (Ewan McGregor) is a lonely, isolated British intelligence agent who has lost his wife and daughter, for which he blames his own unforgivable inaction. Yet detachment is part of the job. His current mission is to track Joanna Eris (Ashley Judd), a woman suspected of blackmailing the son of a senior British official.

But Eris is far more than a blackmailer. She is a seductive, shadowy master of disguises, a frenzied murderer, a lost orphan and an abject mystery whose rage is as fierce as her beauty.

The Eye cannot help but be fascinated by Joanna - especially when a surveillance photo of her seems to reveal the ghostly image of his long-lost daughter, whose absence haunts him. In his deepest fantasies, their two fates as lost souls are somehow connected. The more The Eye follows Joanna from murder to murder, the more he needs to watch her. Not capture her. Not speak to her. But watch her, becoming inexorably more and more obsessed with what he sees. He shadows Joanna without ever letting her know he is there - except that sometimes unexpected turns of fate make it seem as if she has a guardian angel watching over her.

But the closer The Eye gets to Joanna's life, the more dangerous his fantasy becomes. Soon he begins to meddle in her existence, taking action, altering her fate. Yet to catch her would be to lose her, something The Eye cannot allow again in his life. So the odyssey continues . . . until the pursuer and the pursued find themselves on a perilous crash course.
Director: Stephan Elliot
Studio: Destination Films
Producer(s): Mark Damon, Nicolas Clermont
Cast: Ewan McGregor, Ashley Judd, Jason Priestley, K.D. Lang
Writer(s): Marc Behm (novel), Stephan Elliott
Official Site: eyeofthebeholder-movie.com/

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