Expecting (2003)

Expecting (2003) Movie Poster

During a 24-hour labor party, eight people gather to witness and participate in a homebirth. Free-spirited Stephanie is a single, pregnant performance artist living in a downtown loft. Premature labor pains begin after a torrid sex-a-thon. Caught off guard, she phones her closest friends and family. One by one they arrive to support her.

Anita, Steph's older sister worries about Steph's freewheeling lifestyle and wants a hospital birth. Gary, Steph's occasional lover, desperately plans his marriage proposal to her. Dani, Steph's best friend, has agreed to act as Steph's labor coach but would rather focus on her next romantic conquest.

Julia, Steph's midwife, tries to maintain calm in the midst of chaos. Ian, Steph's current lover, deeply wants to become a dad. Jack, Anita's husband, wants to rekindle the spark in his failing marriage. Finally there's Azaan, Steph's creative collaborator and neighbour, who brings some spiritual harmony to the occasion.

This ensemble is forced to come to terms with each other and to re-examine their own lives.

Director: Deborah Day
Studio: Telefilm Canada
Producer(s): Kirk Johnson, Sharon Petzold
Cast: Valerie Buhagiar, Angela Gei, Derwin Jordan, Deb McGrath, Tom Melissis, Colin Mochrie, Karl Pruner, Barbara Radecki
Writer(s): Cindy Stone, Karen Hill, Deborah Day

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