Existence (Istnienie)

Existence (Istnienie) Movie Poster

Polish actor Jerzy Nowak (best known in the West for his appearance in Schindler's List) turned 84 in the summer of 2007, and given his age he found himself wondering what should be done with his remains after he passed on.

Nowak decided to donate his body to medical research, and the documentary Istienie (aka The Existence) follows him as he deals with the legal steps involved in turning his remains over to a medical college.

While looking forward towards the reality of death, Nowak still tends to the minutia of his daily life, running the usual errands and making plans to reaffirm his marriage vows with his wife.

As Nowak lives out the final chapter of his life, the staff at the medical school talk about the realities of their work and the emotional as well as scientific side of healing. The Existence received the Audience Award as Best Feature Length Documentary at the 2007 Krakow Film Festival.

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