Etienne! Movie Poster

A portly college dropout with an ironic hipster mustache takes his dying hamster on a road trip up the California coastline. Richard (Richard Vallejos) cleans hotel bathrooms for a living, and his best friend is a tiny gray hamster named Etienne.

When Etienne is diagnosed with cancer, the veterinarian recommends that the animal be put to sleep before it starts to suffer. Instead, Richard packs up his bike, grabs the hamster ball, and hits the road, determined to show his diminutive pal the world before it dies.

Along their way, Richard and Etienne befriend a bereft dog lover (Vittorio E. Razi), two traveling musicians (Rachel Stolte and Solon Bixler), and a solitary soul named Elodie (Megan Harvey) who's still reeling following a recent break-up with her long-term boyfriend.

Sometimes it's the smallest creatures that have the greatest impact on our lives, and in time, Richard and Elodie establish a bond that may not have been possible without a little help from Etienne.

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