Entre ses mains

Entre ses mains Movie Poster

Claire, an insurance adjuster, meets Laurent, a veterinarian whose clinic was recently flooded. Immediately attracted to Claire, Laurent sets out to woo her and Claire finds herself drawn to him, despite the fact that she’s married, with a small daughter. At first, their platonic meetings take place during the day. But one evening, she meets him in a night club and begins to suspect he may be a serial killer who has brutally murdered several women.

Based on the novel "Les Kangourous" by Dominique Barbéris.
Director: Anne Fontaine
Studio: Seville Pictures
Producer(s): Bruno Pésery, Philippe Carcassonne
Cast: Isabelle Carré, Benoît Poelvoorde, Jonathan Zaccaï, Agathe Louvieaux, Bernard Bloch, Véronique Nordey, Michel Dubois, Martine Chevallier, Alexz Johnson
Writer(s): Julien Boivent, Anne Fontaine

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