Elle veut le chaos

Elle veut le chaos Movie Poster

In an isolated corner of the country where nothing goes on, an ex-mobster and his rebellious step-daughter Coralie are looking for solutions to their financial difficulties and existential stagnation. Desperate, troubled by the recent disappearance of the mother/wife, and surrounded by intimidating crooks, the duo tries to address their issues. Coralie is out for vengeance in a cruel and male-dominated world. Elle veut le chaos is a melodrama, populated with raw and dubious characters. A film filled with humour, where nothing seems to be happening on the surface, yet emotions are simmering inside.

Director: Denis Côté
Studio: FunFilm
Producer(s): Denis Côté, Stéphanie Morissette
Cast: Ève Duranceau, Nicolas Canuel, Normand Lévesque, Laurent Lucas, Réjean Lefrançois, Olivier Aubin, Lesya Samar, Catherine Erofeeva, Marc Paquet, Catherine Bégin
Writer(s): Denis Côté

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