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1h 25m | Comedy, Drama

Aspiring writer Éléonore, 34, is the despair of her mother and her sister Honorine, who both urge her to find a real job and a rich husband. Yielding to the insistent pressure from the two women, for whom appearances matter more than anything, Éléonore reluctantly accepts a job as an assistant at a publishing house specializing in erotic literature. At the same time, she begins a relationship with Lucas, a "good match" presented to her by Honorine. Although she is inefficient and makes a lot of mistakes at work, Éléonore forms a friendship with her boss Harold. From one therapy session to the next, she reflects on her life and her relationships with those close to her.

Director: Amro Hamzawi
Producer(s): Emmanuel Chaumet
Cast: Nora Hamzawi, André Marcon, Julia Faure, Dominique Reymond, Arthur Igual, Thomas Scimeca
Writer(s): Amro Hamzawi
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