Ekam: Son of Soil

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Dashing Ekam returns to India from Australia because of his father's (Jagmeet Singh) wish. His father wants him to stay with him and his second wife (Sheelam) and her son (Monty). His wish is to see his entire family live happily together but Ekam realizes that he is not accepted by his stepmother and stepbrother. He always misses his real mother who's no more. Corrupt MLA (Iqbal Singh) is a close family friend and also business partner to Ekam's family. MLA's daughter Navneet falls in love with Ekam. Despite their different thoughts they both come close to each other and want to live life together, to which their families have no issues.

All efforts from Jagmeet Singh are not able to bring his family together; he is deeply hurt and one day dies of a heart attack. After his father's death, Ekam is at a crossroads. Not knowing where to go, he decides to fulfill his father's wish and moves to his ancestral house in the village, where he has a lot of childhood memories. Once he reaches the village he comes across various problems faced by the villagers and he brings a positive change to the entire village. This is not accepted by MLA Iqbal Singh, who sees Ekam as a threat to his vicious plans. He warns his daughter Navneet to stay away from Ekam. But Ekam, a true "son of soil," cannot be stopped from achieving his goal.

Director: Mandeep Benipal
Studio: Maan Films
Producer(s): B.S. Maan (Khant)
Cast: Babbu Maan, Mandy Takhar, Mohitinder Bawa, Bhagwant Maan, Amrik Gill, Tarsem Paul, Surinder Rehal, Garry Waraich, Anita Sabteesh, Binu Dhillon, Ravinder Mand
Writer(s): Master Tarlochan Singh
Official Site: maanfilms.com/ekam

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