Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Movie Poster

Nicole and Jean-Marie Kunstler, a kind, hard-working couple, operate a dry cleaning business that keeps them both too busy to take a vacation, or to change their routine. A fateful trip to a drag club leads them to encounter Loic and Marilyn, a brother/sister drag queen performing team. Their shows fascinate the couple, as both Nicole and Jean-Marie find themselves growing more and more attached to Loic. While getting to know Loic, he brings to the surface all of their suppressed desires and emotions - willingly and unwillingly.

Director: Anne Fontaine
Studio: United King Films
Producer(s): Alain Sarde, Philippe Carcassonne
Cast: Miou-Miou , Charles Berling, Stanislas Merhar
Writer(s): Anne Fontaine, Gilles Taurand

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