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Dolphins - Official Trailer

4,164 Views | 1:09 | Uploaded on Apr 19, 2017

The official trailer for Dolphins begins as the camera pans over palm trees and towards the turquoise waters of the ocean. We're brought beneath the surface of the water and just as we see a school of dolphins swimming, we hear the sound of their distinctive sonar.

As the trailer for Disneynature's film continues, we see more footage of the playful mammals, and also see shots of turtles, vibrant-colored fish and massive whales. A voiceover accompanies the images and then introduces us to Echo, the dolphin profiled in the picture. The voiceover states that the film follows Echo "as he learns to survive and find his place in this extraordinary world."

The trailer ends as a dolphin beautifully launches out of the water and above rolling waves.

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