Diana Krall Live in Rio

Diana Krall Live in Rio Movie Poster

Rio is synonymous with Bossa Nova and in November 2008 Diana Krall staged a performance there of the classic standards, ranging from "The Boy from Ipanema" to "Quiet Nights." She flew in some top recording musicians plus the world's top recording producers Tommy Lipuma and Al Schmidt and also enlisted the talents of a Brazilian orchestra under Ruria Duprat. The concert was shot in the city's Vivo Rio venue, with 11 high-definition cameras, recorded to the highest quality and in front of the most informed audience, very familiar with the jazz rhythms pioneered by such local icons as Joao Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Rio itself is literally part of the mix too, as new footage of this vibrant and spectacularly photogenic city links with Diana's performance. The cameras also find Diana "unplugged" on the rooftop of her hotel informally playing standards with legendary Brazilian artist Carlos Lyra.

Nine years after Eagle's multi-platinum DVD "Live in Paris" (6 times platinum in Canada) Diana Krall is "Live in Rio"—bringing High Definition and her top-level performance to the world's most famous Bossa Nova standards.

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