Devil Fetus

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1h 24m | Horror

Sometimes two simple words, like "true" and "love", can combine to create a spellbinding, lyrical beauty that transcends mere language and touches the human heart.

Such is the case with DEVIL FETUS!! A blazing bedlamathon that had no right to ever be made, this cinematic felony is fortified with enough unrepentant wildness to challenge the fortitude of even the most stalwart exploitationeer.

Incestuous transvestitism, multiple beheadings, featherweight bestiality, white-knuckle black magic showdowns and hardline electrofunk-powered rumpshaking are among the delights unearthed when a woman has consensual relations with the swamp beast that lives in a vase she bought at the swap meet.

Gird your loins for an epic whirlwind of lust, gore and animal cruelty in this 200-ton barrel of lowbrow DYNAMITE! Could this be the most offensive Hong Kong movie of the 80s? YES! (Zack Carlson)

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