Deterrence Movie Poster

The year is 2008 and the American President, Walter Emerson (Pollak) is campaigning for re-election. While visiting Colorado state, he finds himself, his chief of staff (Hutton), his security advisor (Ralph) and a network TV crew stranded at a local diner due to a snowstorm.

While there, they find out that trouble is brewing in Kuwait, resulting in the butcher of several hundred U.S. peace-keeping troops. Outraged, the president must deal with the delicate situation and avoid an international war, using the debates and advice of his officials and a handful of locals.

Director: Rod Lurie
Studio: Paramount Classics
Producer(s): James Spies, Marc Frydman
Cast: Timothy Hutton, Kevin Pollak, Sean Astin, Clotilde Courau, Sheryl Lee Ralph
Writer(s): Rod Lurie
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