Dead Man Talking

Dead Man Talking Movie Poster

About to be executed by lethal injection, William Lamers, as a last statement, tells the story of his sad existence. When his story doesn’t finish by midnight, the condemned gets a stay of one day. But the next night, he continues the story of his life until the deadline, once again running overtime. This unusual situation continues for several days, becoming both an election issue for the opportunistic governor and the subject of a reality show that captivates crowds.

At first irritated by Lamers, the warden goes on to become his confidant, even telling him about the circumstances surrounding the death of his unfaithful wife and his difficulty communicating with their teenage daughter. Who coincidentally, is attracted to the condemned man.

Director: Patrick Ridremont
Studio: Axia Films
Cast: Patrick Ridremont, François Berléand, Christian Marin, Denis Mpunga, Virginie Efira, Jean-Luc Couchard
Writer(s): Patrick Ridremont, Jean-Sébastien Lopez

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