De repente, la película

De repente, la película Movie Poster

A Venezuelan film director is hired to direct a feature film to be shot in the Amazonian jungle. The shooting conditions are extreme. The leading lady "melts away". The American producer moves the set to Caracas where they will reconstruct a false jungle. The leading man is homosexual and a combination of Indiana Jones and Batman.

An actress playing a vampire adores to hang from the ceiling. A dancer mimics the Marx brothers. The special effects specialist is from Mexico. Two woman cooks speak Spanish and Latin. Eva is a Texan, Ex Playboy Bunny and topless dancer. Four men attack Marvin, who reacts as a karate expert.

The man shooting the "making of" is captured inside special effects net. A snake bites a skinhead. He dies. A tenor suffocates while singing a High C. A gloved hand pushes a HMI film projector that falls on an insurer. A policeman -who loves magic- and an insurance agent investigates the deaths.

The shadow of a movie spectator appears from under the screen and makes it known that he wants part of the reward. The cameraman and focus puller find a package. It explodes and they both die. A false parrot drinks beer; a carnivorous plant eats the parrot and burps.

In the midst of this chaos arrives a well-known film critic who determines that the crew is shooting a "a wonderful cinematic madness". The director decides to "exaggerate the defects". Drunk, the critic falls through the window to his death.

The special effects technician and the producer are both part of a band of international delinquents that sell arms and cocaine under the cover films. They decide to leave Venezuela and settle in Nigeria where they can keep on with their trade. The insurance man divides the reward between the actor's and technicians that have survived the film.

The "troupe" and "the dead" who resuscitate, celebrate dancing a Calypso, Bollywood style, in front the painted jungle.

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