Dazzle (Oogverblindend)

Dazzle (Oogverblindend) Movie Poster

Innovative Dutch filmmaker Cyrus Frisch directed this minimalist study of an unexpectedly dramatic conversation between two strangers. A doctor (Rutger Hauer) in Buenos Aires calls an apartment in Amsterdam, hoping to reach one of his patients.

As it happens, no one is sure where the man has gone, but his girlfriend Kira (Georgina Verbaan) answers the phone, and it isn't long before the doctor realizes she's terribly upset. He attempts to talk her though her anxieties, and over the course of an hour their conversation becomes a meditation on the pains of living in the modern world.

Throughout their talk, Kira is rarely seen and the doctor is not seen at all; instead, we're shown a variety of images from the city and a band of homeless men living near Kira's flat who have attracted her attention.

Shot using a variety of equipment, from professional-grade cameras to a cellular phone, Oogverblindend (aka Dazzle) received its world premiere at the 2009 Rotterdam International Film Festival.

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