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User review rating: 4 October 04, 2019

Great movie for such a low budget to work with! Read up on the facts and the movie was made with terrific accuracy!

User review rating: 4 September 20, 2019

This film is based on the story of my father, Ensign Thomas Ramsay, and his adventures at Midway. He led his squadron of SBDs in the attack that so severely damaged HIJMS KAGA that the Japanese were forced to scuttle it on June 5. Subsequently, he was shot down, like most of the planes in his squadron. He and his gunner got out of their plane, but, as the film shows, without their raft. They then spent 8 days in open water before being rescued by a PBY piloted by a former high school classmate of my dad's. So all that part of the story is true. The attack scenes are also accurate. The actual dive bomber attacks on the Japanese carriers took about 10 minutes. The film is right on target for the story it is telling. Further, the attacks show the main result of the bombing runs: most of the planes missed. KAGA got attacked by an entire squadron and was hit by three bombs. (My father missed; my mother said this bothered him for the rest of his short life.) The script pays close attention to what actually happened. That said, the movie could have used more money for its CGI effects. Mike did his best and the film holds up, but more money would have helped.

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