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On DVD: August 27, 2002

R | 1h 52m | Comedy, Romance

Kate (MacDowell) is a never-been-married school headmistress, Janine (Staunton) is a once-divorced police inspector and Molly (Chancellor) is a thrice-divorced doctor. There's not much going on in their quaint village in the English Cotswolds, so every week the women meet over gin, cigarettes and chocolate to talk about the men (or lack thereof) in their lives.

But when Kate suddenly starts a hot affair with one of her former students (Doughty), a handsome 25-year-old, Janine and Molly begin to wonder. Can this be love? Surely not. And so, they set out to save Kate from herself...
Director: John McKay
Studio: Mongrel Media
Producer(s): Lee Thomas
Cast: Andie MacDowell, Anna Chancellor, Kenny Doughty
Writer(s): John McKay
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