Crime is Our Business

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1h 49m | Comedy

When her aunt witnesses a murder on a moving train, Prudence Beresford jumps at the opportunity to put a little spice in her monotonous life, even though no one else believes there was a murder, because a body has never been found. Prudence's husband, Bélisaire, is away on business for a few days, so she begins her own investigation.

This leads her to a poorly maintained alpine residence, inhabited by Roderick Charpentier, an avaricious old man. Convinced that this house is related to the crime, Prudence gets a job as a cook at the residence. When she discovers the body of a young woman who's been killed in the old man's museum, the police are called, and when he finds out what his wife has been up to, Bélisaire Beresford is furious. The true investigation has only just begun.

Director: Pascal Thomas
Studio: Métropole Films Distribution
Producer(s): Nathalie Lafaurie
Cast: Catherine Frot, André Dussollier, Claude Rich, Chiara Mastroianni, Melvil Poupaud
Writer(s): François Caviglioli, Pascal Thomas

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