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3.53 / 5

User rating: 3.53

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  • User rating: 3.53 31.58%
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  • User rating: 3.53 21.05%
  • User rating: 3.53 21.05%
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User review rating: 3 December 21, 2012

Far from Shakespeare's best. We only perform this because of S, but all his stuff is not good. Coriolanus is a repellent character

User review rating: 3 February 07, 2012

if you're into shakespeare, worth a look. don't expect anything like 'gladiator' though.

User review rating: 4 February 04, 2012

wow... for the brits who would be more accustomed to the varied brit accents used, but applied in older shakespearean dialogue, and being unfamiliar with it myself, this was a tough one to follow but i could get most of what was said, it took quite a bit of concentration to follow (more so than contemporary dialogue of haywire). if either ralph or gerard spoke something in anger or a heated rage, their accents started to garble their unfamiliar shakespearean english so i missed a few things they said. it was brilliantly acted, and the dialogue was very much well melded into the emotions or moods of the moment. i did enjoy it, an unfamiliar play set in a very contemporary setting and conflict

User review rating: 4 January 21, 2012

surprising, ralph fiennes did a decent job!

User review rating: 5 November 09, 2011

Awesome movie!!

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