Comment j'ai tué mon père

Comment j'ai tué mon père Movie Poster

Jean-Luc, a famous gerontologist, lives a happy life in Versailles, surrounded by his wife Isa and his younger brother Patrick who, while waiting for his big break as a comedian, agrees to be Jean-Luc’s chauffeur. One evening, the city’s elite gather at a reception in Jean-Luc’s honor. However, the festivities are disrupted when the gerontologist spots his father, Maurice, whom he has not seen since he deserted the family hearth when he was still a child. A doctor, Maurice dropped everything at the time to look after the underprivileged in Africa. But now, his return angers and disturbs Jean-Luc, who is perturbed by his influence on Isa - the old man having quickly perceived the dissatisfaction of the young woman, who wants so much to have a child.

Director: Anne Fontaine
Producer(s): Philippe Carcassonne
Cast: Michel Bouquet, Charles Berling, Natacha Régnier, Stéphane Guillon, Amira Casar, Hubert Koundé
Writer(s): Anne Fontaine, Jacques Fieschi

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