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Closet Monster - Official Trailer

3,561 Views | 1:48 | Uploaded on Jul 04, 2016

In the official trailer for Closet Monster, we see a father (Aaron Abrams) tuck his young son into bed. The two characters exchange a few endearing lines of dialogue before time speeds up and we are introduced to the teenage version of Oscar (Connor Jessup). We watch Oscar move through the motions of his daily life, from hanging out with a female friend to working at a local hardware store in his small Newfoundland town.

His job at the store brings him into contact with an alluring young man named Wilder (Aliocha Schneider) whom he quickly develops feelings for. Oscar becomes infatuated by Wilder and his sexual desires begin to take flight. As the dramatic trailer continues and scenes showcasing Oscar at a party unfold, it becomes clear that Oscar has a few battles to overcome against himself and his homophobic father.

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