Charlotte has Fun

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In Theaters: March 29, 2019 (limited)

R | 1h 29m | Comedy

When Charlotte is dumped by her boyfriend, the heartbroken teenager turns to her friends Mégane, who doesn’t believe in love; and shy, romantic Aube. At Toys Depot, a big-box store where several college students they find attractive have part-time jobs, the girls decide to fill out job applications. All three are hired.

Charlotte flirts with one male employee, then another, unaware that the guys have made a bet on who will first sleep with Charlotte. The cat gets out of the bag at a Halloween party. Humiliated, Charlotte leads her friends and female colleagues on a sex strike.

But in doing so, she turns a blind eye to the advances of William, a guy with good intentions who has real feelings for her.

Director: Sophie Lorain
Studio: Les Films Séville
Writer(s): Catherine Léger

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