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Cartagena, Colombia. Leo, a former boxer in his fifties with a drinking problem, lands a job as cook/caretaker for Muriel, an unpleasant French girl who became a quadriplegic after an accident two years ago. Adjusting to life in this upscale but quiet household is not easy. A bond of trust develops between Leo and Muriel, one deep enough for him to persuade her to venture out of doors and broaden the horizons of her life.

Director: Alain Monne
Studio: Rézo Films
Producer(s): Christine Gozlan, Pierre Forette, Thierry Wong
Cast: Christopher Lambert, Sophie Marceau, Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Rodolfo De Souza, Linett Hernandez Valdes
Writer(s): Alain Monne, Nathalie Vailloud
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