Calcutta My Love

Calcutta My Love Movie Poster

An adaptation of Bengali novelist Samaresh Majumdar's Kalbela, Goutam Ghose's film á clef Calcutta My Love plunges into the Naxalite movement, or a series of tumultuous Communist uprisings in India during the late 1960s and early 1970s that mirrored similar occurrences in Western Europe at about the same time.

The film reconstructs that period with grainy, documentary-style black and white footage, then follows the story of Animesh, a young student who leaves his family farm and heads into the metropolis of Calcutta, where he is promptly wounded by a policeman's bullet - making him an unwitting target for his own party at the hands of additional cops.

Meanwhile, a number of young women at Animesh's college learn of his role and automatically challenge it on several levels - including the brilliant and beautiful young co-ed Madhabilata, for whom Animesh begins to develop deep and abiding romantic feelings.

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