Burlesque Undressed

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Comedy, Documentary, Musical

"Burlesque Undressed" is a lavish and dazzling journey right into the heart of the art-form, featuring a compelling mix of live performance, interviews from burlesque stars past and present, captivating music and all-round show-stopping entertainment.

British burlesque superstar Immodesty Blaize peels back the curtain to reveal her world of high-octane glamour, and gives an exclusive peep behind-the-scenes to expose the work involved in the art of the tease to produce a signature act of perfection.

From the elaborate spectacular costume designs to the impressive on-stage gimmicks, Immodesty and her pals showcase the best of burlesque in a dazzling explosion of seductive live performance, including footage from her very own sell-out Tease Show.

Veteran burlesque legends reveal hilarious anecdotes from the original Golden Era, including running foul of the censors and getting jailed for shaking their behind even when covered up!

This high-definition film tells the real story of the genre, charting its rise and fall from early British roots to an American evolution, and finally rejoicing in burlesque's 21st century revival. "Burlesque Undressed" also features a special appearance from Marc Almond and a blaizin' big band soundtrack of heart-pounding memorable music.

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