Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow Movie Poster

Set out on the open highway with three comedians as they make their way to South Africa's biggest annual music festival in director John Barker's raucous road-trip comedy.

Kags is a egotistical chauvinist who takes great joy in tormenting his buddies, Joey is a conflicted Muslim striving to avoid the temptations of club life while remaining faithful to his girlfriend, and Dave is a blissfully naïve dishwasher who longs for his shot at the big time; together the trio pile into their car to make the drive to Oppikoppi and showcase their standup skills to a hard-partying crowd of rock & roll fans while discovering that sometimes when you gamble everything, you can get a bit more than you bargained for.

Named after a popular Johannesburg staple consisting of hollowed out bread stuffed with a mixture of vegetables, curries, and meats and frequently enjoyed after a long night of drinking, Bunny Chow presents an unguarded look at contemporary South Africa as a growing cultural melting pot simmering with youthful energy and renaissance.

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