Build a Ship, Sail to Sadness

Build a Ship, Sail to Sadness Movie Poster

A young man suffering from prolonged ennui thinks he's found a solution to the sadness he sees enveloping so many in this offbeat independent comedy. Vincent (Magnus Aronson) is a sad young man with a weakness for dance music who lives in the Scottish Highlands.

Vincent imagines that many of the people around him must share his lack of enthusiasm for the quiet life in the hills, and comes up with a plan to establish the area's first mobile discotheque, where he'll spin classic dance tracks wherever he's needed.

Vincent hops on his motorcycle and sets out on a road trip, often stopping along the way to discuss his plan with others in hoping of obtaining needed financial support. However, most of the folks Vincent encounters are elderly Scots who aren't much interested in getting down and boogieing, leaving him to wonder if his dream is worth following after all.

Shot on Hi-8 video equipment to give the film an unusual over-saturated look, Build a Ship, Sail to Sadness was the first feature film from director Laurin Federlein.

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