Bubble Boy

Bubble Boy Movie Poster

Born without an immune system, Jimmy Livingston (Gyllenhaal) is forced to live his whole life in a plastic bubble set up in his bedroom. Now a young man, the "Bubble Boy" discovers the woman he loves (Shelton) is about to get married. He develops a mobile bubble suite in order set off across the country to Niagra Falls to stop the wedding and win her affections.

During his long trek, he crosses the paths of many strange characters, and must avoid being captured by his over-protective parents.

Director: Blair Hayes
Studio: Buena Vista Pictures
Producer(s): Beau Flynn
Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Marley Shelton, Danny Trejo, Swoosie Kurtz, John Carroll Lynch, Verne Troyer
Writer(s): Ken Daurio, Cinco Paul
Official Site: www.bubbleboy.net

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