Bonus Screening: The U.S. and Us

Bonus Screening: The U.S. and Us Movie Poster

w/ Q&A introduced by Quinn.


Award-winning Vancouver documentary filmmaker and performance artist Quinn is taking her politically charged film, The U.S. and Us on a cross-Canada tour which includes Edmonton, Saskatoon, Montreal, Charlottetown, Halifax Whitehorse, and Winnipeg.

"A concise, informative, amusingly illustrated film on a topic that should be of concern to everyone in North America, " says Mark Achbar, co-director of multi-award-winning Canadian documentaries, Manufacturing Consent and The Corporation.

Following its successful premiere at the 2008 Vancouver International Film Festival, Quinn will be in Winnipeg to answer questions and screen her documentary about Canada-U.S relations. The U.S. and Us is an intellectual romp through the changing landscape of Canada-U.S. relations. Featuring interviews with Canada's best known activist Maude Barlow and best-selling political authors Linda McQuaig and Mel Hurtig, among others, the film documents growing Canadian concerns over everything from the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to the fine print of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). Vignettes of Quinn's performance art humourously illustrate mounting tensions over serious issues of energy, water and national security to question the future of Canadian sovereignty when American interests are at stake.

Director: Quinn

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