Blood, Sand and Gold

Blood, Sand and Gold Movie Poster

When the top salvage company in the world loses a billion dollars of 15th century artifacts, chief archaeologist Mave Adams (Monica West) hires ex-criminal Jack Riordan (Aaron Costa Ganis) to track it down.

Back at the company headquarters in Hong Kong — Mave's brother Mathew Harper (Christopher Redman) and his general council Ernest (Ezra Knight) have ulterior motives other than cooperating in the investigation. As Mave and Jack trace the stolen treasure along the same ancient routes Sir Francis Drake used, he uncovers more than just the lost artifacts — an entire conspiracy of blood, sand and gold.

Director: Gaelan Connell
Studio: American Film Productions
Cast: Monica West, Aaron Costa Ganis, Christopher Redman, Ezra Knight
Writer(s): Gaelan Connell, Matt Lazarus
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